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Facts about Clipped wings


The character of Shane Davison, the protagonist in CLIPPED WINGS, was crafted after the likes of Holden Caulfield (unfiltered, foul mouth) and Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch (southern traditions). Both characters have resonated with readers for years. Shane has his own quirky personality, but elements of J.D. Salinger and Harper Lee's memorable characters shine through Shanefrom time to time.


Although CLIPPED WINGS is fiction. The story is the author's attempt to  find closure to a number of questionable occurrences which he personally experienced in the early 1970s. Some of his questions were never answered, so the author did the next best thing, he created a story which helped bring about some sense of closure for himself.


The rough draft took four months to complete, although the story had resided inside the author's head for over three decades. Originally intended as an autobiography, a number of facts were missing to complete a manuscript of the genre. In an effort to fill in the unknown facts of the story, the author changed directions and created a work of fiction. By writing a fictional tale, he had free license to craft fictional details to provide the missing pieces to an otherwise incomplete autobiography.


The rough draft was handwritten, using an assortment of vintage and contemporary fountain pens and bottled liquid inks.


CLIPPED WINGS is undergoing a series of edits. The length of the final book may vary from its current state. There are 128 chapters and approximately 700 pages. The short chapters were intentionally crafted for the reader on the go - easy to read in short spurts when waiting at the doctor office or dentist. Currently, the manuscript is approximately three times the length of today's average commercial novels, making CLIPPED WINGS an "epic lengthnovel.


CLIPPED WINGS is set in a smallish north-central Oklahoma town, however, the actual name is never mentioned. That being said, other locations like Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Bartlesville, and Shidler, just to name a few, are mentioned as general points of reference. The original manuscript setting was to have been Denoya (formerly Whizbang, Oklahoma) which saw it's demise in 1942 when the U.S. Post Office closed. There was no reason for the story to unfold in any one particular town, either defunct or thriving. The name of the town was not important to the story. It could have taken place in any number of smallish towns in Oklahoma.


Readers may find similarities to actual individuals living or dead in the book. Okay, you caught me. Yes, CLIPPED WINGS was inspired by actual events so yes, there were obviously real-world people involved. However, names were changed to protect my sorry ass from lawsuits and legal litigation. So, if you happen by chance to THINK you recognize a person or place -  let's just say, hooray for youyou have an awesome memory.


Shane takes the reader into his confidence to tell a one-sided long-winded story. Like most any red-blooded teenage boy, he exaggerates at times. The language is peppered with "naughty" words. Reader be warned - if you are squeamish about reading "naughty" words, this story may not be for you. The use of colorful language captures the reality of a teenage boy, it's part of growing up and finding oneself.


Just because the protagonist is gay, does not make this a gay story. If you place people in neat little-labeled boxes, you are missing out on the beauty of a diverse world.


Writing is about being vulnerable by extracting the gut-wrenching pain pent-up inside to expose it openly to the world through words.





A street team is a group of volunteers who band together to promote an author and his/her book. Members of a street team are motivated by their love of an author's work to promote it to as many people as possible. Street Teams for CLIPPED WINGS will be forming in the very near future. If you are interested in participating in a local Street Team or as a Street Team Leader, please contact Dale through the Contact Form.




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