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When Shane's life unravels, there is only one thing to do: fight back!

Shane Davison, an eighteen-year-old teen sits in a public park with everything he owns packed into a single suitcase. He contemplates his life to understand how he is suddenly without a family and no place to call home. A coming of age story of adversity, challenges, and dreams. Told entirely through Shane's perspective of growing up in a small north-central Oklahoma town in the 1970s. An emotional roller coaster ride navigating circumstances he had no control over. Inspired by actual events.


The weather is unseasonably cool for the second week of August, but not so that I need to wear my letter-man jacket. I slip it off and toss it atop the suitcase of my quickly packed worldly possessions. Quietly, I sit on the concrete picnic table, under a canopy of large oak trees,

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When I took hold of the doorknob, it was like an electric shock ran from my hand straight into my head. Images flashed as if in fast forward, instead, the images went in reverse. The vivid images were of the first events in my life. The first image was of an exceptionally pleasant crystal clear

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I tugged on the age-worn, scared brass doorknob and the door opened. I paused after crossing the threshold, the heavy door closed behind me. I waited - I wasn't struck by a fiery bolt of lightning. Nothing. The sky didn't fall. I wasn't sucked into a black hole. Maybe this was

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"When I look back on my life, I envision vignettes tied together themed segues creating blocks of memories and learned lessons. I transition from one phase of my life to another like chapters of a book; hopefully bettering myself as each phase comes to a close while reinventing myself as each new chapter develops."

~ Dale Thele