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Five years ago, I learned just how precious life truly is. Until that pivotal moment in my existence, I’d taken life for granted. I’d thought there would be endless tomorrows and innumerable new memories to make. But, on that crucial day, I realized life wasn’t a given, it was a gift – a gift to be treasured. That very day, I received an AIDS diagnoses. Weak and delirious with fever in a hospital bed, I had to make a conscious choice: to live or give up. Part of me wanted to just surrender. I was too sick to carry on, yet a small voice from somewhere inside told me to fight. That was when I realized life was worth fighting for. I chose to make a change for the better — to live. Never once have I regretted the decision I made five years ago.

The fight hasn’t been easy, but believe me, it’s been worth it. LIFE is fantastic. I no longer take each day for granted. I have a burning desire to experience all life has to offer. I live and embrace each second of the precious gift I was given — LIFE.

My fight to live wasn’t fought alone, I had the help of local AIDS Service Organizations. Without their help, my fight would have been daunting and I well may have given up. I was fortunate to have received support and encouragement from those amazing organizations. Each of those organizations assisted me when I had no means of paying. I had no income and was too ill to work. My inability to pay didn’t stop these AIDS Service Organizations from encouraging and supporting me along the path to self-sufficiency.

Five years later, I’m passionate to help those extraordinary AIDS Service Organizations to continue doing the fabulous work they do. For them to continue providing the desperately needed services to help central Texans affected with HIV/AIDS, they require funds to keep their doors open.

In a few weeks, the 19th annual Hill Country Ride for AIDS will occur. HCRA is the largest AIDS fundraising event in central Texas. I’m not physically able to ride a bicycle, but that’s not stopped me from taking part as a VIRTUAL RIDER to help raise awareness that new HIV/AIDS infections are still on the rise AND to ask YOU to help me raise $1000 for Hill Country Ride for AIDS. This is THE MOMENT for YOU to MAKE A CHANGE for the better. Please donate to make a change for the better for Central Texans affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Author: Dale Thele

Dale Thele - Author / Novelist

4 thoughts on “MAKE a CHANGE for the BETTER”

  1. Thanks, Linda. I’m no one special. I look at life this way, many people go through life with some sort of health issue, be it diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc. So, mine happens to be HIV, no big deal, it’s controllable with medication and I go about my life just like anyone else with a health issue. Life is meant to be EXPERIENCED, so I don’t let the little things get in the way of LIVING LIFE to the FULLEST.

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