Escape from demons and such

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“Dale, who has been diagnosed with AIDS,
is one of Travis County’s most well-known AIDS activist”
Central Health Austin

Like many writers, I write to work through my own personal challenges. Some of those challenges may include physical limitations, some are mental, some are emotional. Other writers work through the nightmares of their own personal demons. I write to temporarily escape my own challenges, to create something that hopefully will take the reader outside of themselves.

There was a time, in 2012 when I first received my HIV-Stage 3 (AIDS) diagnosis when I desperately needed an escape from my reality. That initial year, my hospital expenses exceeded a half million dollars and my medications totaled over $75,000. On top of being too ill to care for myself, I had the added burden of how would I pay for the life-saving treatment I was receiving. My reality was crushing down on me.

This is not uncommon for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Many, like myself, face homelessness, hunger, lack of transportation, inability to pay for medications and doctors. That’s where the AIDS Service Organizations in Austin come to the rescue to help persons living with HIV to navigate the life-saving services they need. Nine AIDS Service Organizations serve individuals living in and around Austin, TX. But they can not help those in need without funding.

April 28 is the 19th annual Hill Country Ride for AIDS, the largest HIV/AIDS fundraising event in central Texas. Hundreds of bicycle riders take to the trails to raise funds which directly benefit NINE local AIDS/HIV Service Organizations. The very organizations which have helped me and thousands of central Texans affected with HIV/AIDS.

I’m physically unable to participate in the ride as a bike rider, but I am committed to helping raise funds so the NINE AIDS Service organizations can continue to provide life-saving services to assist all of us living with HIV/AIDS.

I’m asking for YOUR help — to make a contribution to the HILL COUNTRY RIDE FOR AIDS.

Fact: without these service organizations, I would not be here today. Please, join me by showing your appreciation for the awesome work they do, by making a generous contribution. You can make a donation safely online through this link:

Thank YOU for sharing the LOVE!!!❤❤❤


“Despite occasional health challenges of living with AIDS, Dale finds strength and unending energy in the countless opportunities he creates to help others. Dale is a force for good guided by unrelenting principles, thankfulness, and a tireless drive to make a difference in the lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS.” – Prentiss Douthit, Ride Director, Hill Country Ride for AIDS

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Author: Dale Thele

Dale Thele - Author / Novelist

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