LIFE Sometimes Throws a Wrench into the Works


What happens when you have goals mapped out and you’re on track to completion; then, out of the blue, LIFE circumstances get in the way? Completing your goals comes to a screeching halt. You put your goals on the back burner so you can deal with whatever annoying crap LIFE has pitched at you. LIFE can be a real bummer.

That’s what happened to me recently. I had my goals set to wrap up a manuscript by a specific date. Each step finely detailed, and I had carefully calculated the time allocated for each. The completion date was within my sights. Everything was going smoothly, I had convinced myself the manuscript would be completed on time — then Whammo! LIFE unexpectedly dumped a poop-pile of crap on my well-oiled plans.

I received notification of an available apartment I wanted. I’d waited over a year for a vacancy. Not only was it a location I wanted to live, but the apartment was for an immediate move-in. I was confronted with making a hasty decision to either accept the apartment and put my goals on hold for a month or better. Or pass on the apartment to complete my manuscript and wait an additional year for another vacancy.

I signed the lease and wrote a check for the security deposit and the first months rent.

Five weeks later, I’m writing this post from my desk in the new apartment.

I’m back on schedule with my manuscript, however, I had to revise my initial goals.

The past five weeks taught me a valuable lesson. LIFE didn’t whack me up the side of the head with an obstacle, it was a blessing in disguise. First, I got a new apartment. Two, I had time away from the manuscript to realize the needed revisions. Three, I arrived at the conclusion that LIFE ain’t all that bad. Take what LIFE throws at you, deal with it the best you can, then move onto LIVING.

I suppose how we approach LIFE all boils down to two things: attitude and perception. Our attitude is how we react to LIFE’s setbacks, and perception is how we view those unexpected bumps in the road. No matter how we respond to LIFE’s little challenges, either meeting them head-on or choosing to ignore them, eventually we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. I try to maintain a positive attitude, sometimes I deviate, but for the most part, I like to think I’m a positive individual. As for my perception, well, I prefer an optimistic approach — though sometimes; I neglect to take off the rose-colored glasses.

So that’s how LIFE threw a wrench into the works and I came out unscathed. I hope and wish you the best if LIFE dumps on you. Remember, without LIFE, there’s no LIVING.

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One thought on “LIFE Sometimes Throws a Wrench into the Works

  1. Dale, you are a very positive guy, sometimes impossibly so, given the challenges you have faced and continue to face. I would say this was not LIFE, this was YOU. You made a choice to get on the waiting list, and then it happened. Then you chose to act on the opportunity when it knocked. It doesn’t mean one choice is always better than the next. As a Libra, i tend to get hung up on choices. But it seems you’re happy with this choice and it had some nice unexpected benefits, too. Often we are not as fortunate. So I’m happy for you, and congrats for choosing wisely! I await the invitation to your housewarming party. 🙂 – A Dude Abikes


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