Dale Thele, Author

“My life is far from being simply black and white, it’s every hue of the rainbow.” ― Dale Thele

Dale Thele’s life has been a lengthy series of compulsions strung together by atrocious acts of stupidity due to boredom. After raising heck in a sleepy oil town in north-central Oklahoma for 18 years, he then ventured to Oklahoma City University on a quest for higher education. He quickly learned “higher” education meant to “elevate” one’s mind with the aid of either a reefer or a bong, and ample amounts of alcohol. Destiny dragged Dale to Austin, Texas, where he lives vicariously through the fictional characters he congers up, and the far-fetched adventures he writes.

Dale began writing in 2008, using a “pen name”; influenced by authors like Timothy James Beck, Mark Kendrick, Michael Thomas Ford, and Bryan Healey. His writing includes a number of short stories and novellas, all of which were fictional in nature and published under a pen name.

Today, Dale writes under his actual name, penning vignettes of actual life experiences on social network channels like his personal Facebook page. In addition to works of fiction which often times may include an LGBT character or two.