F.P.R. Indus Demonstrator . . .


This is the first refillable fountain pen that sent me on the road to collecting and using fountain pens: The Fountain Pen Revolution (F.P.R.) Indus Clear Demo with gold-tone accents. This is not an expensive pen by any means, it’s made in India exclusively for F.P.R., an Indian fountain pen distributor located in Arkansas, USA. The Indus is a clear demonstrator made entirely of transparent plastic except for the gold-toned metal clip, ring and stainless steel Extra Fine nib. It’s a piston-filler which is filled with ink by twisting a knob on the end of the pen which draws the ink into the ink reservoir. The Indus is lightweight and comfortable in the hand. I keep my Indus inked with Waterman Serenity Blue fountain pen ink and it’s always within easy reach on my desk. For a basic no-frills pen, the clear Indus Demonstrator is just a fun pen to use. I enjoy watching the ink slosh around inside and being that it’s clear, I can observe its internal working parts.

egads! I’ve become a penophile . . .



fountain poen

Yes, I’m a fountain pen addict, it all started in April 2015 when I purchased my first fountain pen. I fell in love with the little boogers and began collecting and using fountain pens, both vintage & contemporary. As of to-date, my collection exceeds 200 vintage and contemporary fountain pens as well as a few dip pens and an assortment of vintage and contemporary ink pen paraphernalia. My ink collection consists of mostly traditional inks (Parker, Waterman, Chesterfield, Sheaffer and Levenger) as these inks are compatible with vintage pens. I steer away from “boutique” inks as they can damage the earlier manufactured fountain pens. I do have one black De Atramentis document ink (waterproof and archive ink) and a bottle of Noodler’s Black (also waterproof), both are used only in contemporary fountain pens.

There are two types of Fountain Pen collectors: (1) the collector, who collects but does not use the pens. This individual acquires and trades mostly unused fountain pens and has little or no interest in using the pen. (2) the other collector is the individual who acquires and uses his/her fountain pens. I am a collector/user, I enjoy the experience of writing with different models/makes of fountain pens.

Lost in Cyberspace . . .


Lost in Cyberspace

One particular stormy morning (with coffee mug in hand) I bravely powered up my Commodore 64. My intended cyber destination was MY SPACE. Suddenly there was this brilliant lightning explosion, my world went blacker than the blackest night. I slowly peeled my trembling hands from my face to reveal I was alone in a void of nothingness, typical of a void, I’d be safe to say. I wandered aimlessly until suddenly an annoying blue bird landed on my shoulder and began tweeting nonsense in 150 characters or less. The blasted bird was most likely agitated by the endless images of cats which just suddenly appeared and disappeared senselessly on walls that weren’t really walls. Certainly I was going bat-ape crazy, only a mad person (maybe Stephen King?) could envision such a scary nightmare. I’m an unwilling prisoner in this whacked-out world of craziness with no immediate sign of escape. My only regret is that if I’d been wearing my shiny tin foil hat on that fateful morning, all of this madness could have been avoided. Save yourselves. Put on your tin foil hats and dance like a madman in the park.

That’s how I was sucked in and became a lost soul in cyberspace. I’m sticking to this story, it’s all true. Honest. Scouts honor!